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Wedding is very serious step in life of every person and it is very important event for every single man and for every single woman. It is big responsibility which is connected with new duties. After wedding single man and single woman gets new status which is called marital status. As we see wedding is an event which can change all our life especially if this wedding is between western man and Slavonic woman. Mixture of cultures, mixture of mentalities and mixture of life styles creates definite impact upon couple because they need to get used to new traditions in their life, to new cultural and historical things. Barchelor life is easy and without obligations but married life means a lot of new things which were unknown before. Spouses starts to learn life together and to comprehend many new aspects of married life. First of all they must be wise, they must value human and moral principles, they must respect each other and of course accept each other background. Wedding is very happy event but after wedding starts every day life which has a lot of hidden rocks and test and spouses should be ready for them. Only Love and common Respect can lead spouse in to right direction and make them happy.