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                                                  BELOVED PERSON ! 

Who is your beloved person? You have nobody special in your life and you are still proud of your freedom? Is it really freedom and independence? May be it is just solitude and you just try to hide yourself from this problem representing yourself as successful and independent person. All this is just myth. Freedom means solitude, independence means absence of beloved person in your life. Think about it and we often say “better late than never”. Use your chance and try to change your life and to open your heart to serious and warm-hearted Ukrainian woman who will change your life and will fill it with additional sense. Life is without beloved person is life water without fish, life is without beloved woman or man is like sky without sun, it is like night without starts and moon. Pathetic words may be you will resume with sceptic impact. May be but life should contain sense but sense can be given by love because love is enormous, huge power which exists in us and around us!