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1. Question: How to register and become the member of site atlantidaagency.com?

1.1. Answer: To register you must fill the registration form, read and accept the users agreement terms, and follow the next instructions.

2. Question: Why I need to register?

2.1. Answer: Unregistered user can view only some areas of site. There are many services and pages are not available for unregistered users. You need to register on our website for correspondence with our users.

3. Question: Is the registration obligatory?

3.1. Answer: Registration is obligatory for users of our website if you want to use all our services.

4. Question: Is it necessary to pay for registration?

4.1. Answer: Registration for all users is absolutely for free!

5. Question: Why I need type the figures on the picture when I fill the registration form?

5.1. Answer: These are necessary security measures against automatic registration.

6. Question: Why my e-mail address, is necessary during registration and the further membership?

6.1. Answer: You will be received notification on your e-mail about messages which were sent to you by other users, our news and new services.

7. Question: I did not receive the confirmation of registration by e-mail, what should I do?

7.1. Answer: Perhaps you have some problems with your mail server. Anyway contact our Support service info@atlantidaagency.com In case if this problem repeat once again you probably should change mail server or customize anti-spam filter on the receiving letters from us.

8. Question: I have filled incorrect e-mail address at registration, how can I edit data?

8.1. Answer: To change your E-mail you need click to "My Settings", then enter your correct E-mail or password. Then press the button “Save” below.

9. Question: Can you give recommendations how to create a profile correctly?

9.1.Answer: How to create a profile correctly? So, you have made the first step of the registration. It is possible to look through other profiles and write to other users, but would they want to communicate with the person who has not written a few words about himself? That is the question. Besides, it is always interesting to receive messages with the suggestions to meet and communicate. Describe yourself in the profile, for other users are interested who is on the other end of the line. Know, that other users can learn it first from your profile.
In other words profile is necessary and important. Success in meetings depends to a great extent on how you have created the profile. Profile is your face, inner life, by which the visitors of our site will judge you. So it is necessary to pay special attention to the right creating of a profile.
Here we will give some pieces of advice to beginners about how to create a profile correctly in order to get the maximum effect or at least non-negative one.
First we hope that you have visited our dating site to meet somebody and have plans to continue this communication in more or less real conditions.
Honesty in profile is a very important element! You should not lie about your weight, height, social status, hair color etc. Know that you have a good chance to find a person who is interested in the same things. So write about yourself as much as you can.
Section "Photo album". In this section you need upload your photo. Profiles with photos get viewed and are contacted with other users 10 times more than profiles without photos.
Section "About you". In this section you need describe yourself. Take time to describe yourself and when somebody will write you, you will know that it is not necessary to tell a lot about yourself, because this user knows to whom he writes.
Section "Type". If you are of perfect height, athletic body, charming tummy or sexy breast, no necessity to write about it. It will be plus at your meeting!
Section "Interests". Write what you like. After reading of your profile, people would understand, that they have found a like-minded person and your meeting will pass in a different way!

So, you have finished to fill in your profile, and now reread it properly. Nobody likes to read the profile with mistakes.

Ok, best of luck to you on your search for love and romance!

10. Question: Can I become a member if I have no photo?

10.1. Answer: Of course! But you must know that photo is the most important thing in your profile!

11. Question: When my profile will be shown to other users?

11.1. Answer: Your profile will become available to other users instantly, but your photos will be available after approval by our manager.

12. Question: How I can go to my homepage?

12.1. Answer: Enter your login and password, then you will move to your homepage automatically.

13. Question: Is it possible to have a few profiles?

13.1. Answer: No, it is forbidden!

14.Question: I have forgotten my password/login?

14.1. Answer: Do not worry! You need to apply to Our Service Support info@atlantidaagency.com Then we will send you your login and NEW password to your email.


If you have problems that you can not solve yourself, if you have questions that you can not answer, read our Help section. If you found any errors in the functioning of our site address our Support service info@atlantidaagency.com